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facebook test flies unmanned aircraft that could provide internet video

Facebook recently completed its first test flight of a solar-powered drone that is designed to beam down internet access to remote areas of the world.
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The huge unmanned airplane has a wingspan larger than a Boeing 737 airliner, but weighs hundreds of times less (about one-third of an electric car), according to Facebook, because of its carbon-fiber frame. In fact, half of Aquila's mass is made up of batteries, which enable the solar-powered plane to fly during the day and night.
"Aquila is designed to be hyper efficient, so it can fly for up to three months at a time," Parikh wrote. "The aircraft has the wingspan of an airliner, but at cruising speed it will consume only 5,000 watts — the same amount as three hair dryers, or a high-end microwave."
The recent test flight was the first for the full-scale drone, as previous tests used a one-fifth scale version of Aquila, according to the social media giant. Facebook said it plans to push Aquila to the limits in a lengthy series of tests over the coming months and years.
During the low-altitude test flight, Aquila flew for more than 90 minutes, which was three times longer than Facebook had planned. The flight's success included performance verifications of the drone's aerodynamics, batteries, control systems and crew training.
"In our next tests, we will fly Aquila faster, higher and longer, eventually taking it above 60,000 feet," Parikh wrote. "Each test will help us learn and move faster toward our goal."
There is still a long road ahead as the social media company continues to test its internet-delivery drone.
The current world record for solar-powered unmanned flight stands at two weeks, set by by defense technology company Qinetiq's Zephyr plane in 2010, according to the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI). To reach Aquila's goal of delivering internet connectivity for up to three months at a time, Facebook said it will require significant advancements in science and engineering.
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"It will also require us to work closely with operators, governments and other partners to deploy these aircraft in the regions where they'll be most effective," Parikh said.
Original article on Live Science.

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Technology drive sees 'connected car' link-ups in China

China has the youngest premium car buyers in the world, and their tech-savvy demand for "connected cars"—coupled with Communist regulations—is driving international automakers into the arms of the country's Internet giants.

Growth is slowing and competition intensifying in the world's number one  market, but it also boasts Mercedes Benz buyers with an average age of 37, and Audi's customers even younger at 36. In contrast, the average Mercedes buyer in the US was over 54, according to IHS Automotive.
China's "Internet savvy" cohort is the youngest premium customer group in the world, Hubertus Troska, China chief for Mercedes' parent Daimler, said at the Beijing Auto Show this week.
"We really want to be at the forefront of connectivity and telematics in this country, so we're going with the best technology that we have," he added.
Automakers are racing to offer "connected" car services, which include in-car internet access, entertainment systems, and easy integration with smartphones, traffic lights, and other vehicles.
The global market for such connected-car technologies will be worth about 123 billion euros by 2021, according to consultancy PwC.
With more than 600 million smartphone users, China's consumers particularly prize such features.

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Up close and personal—virtual reality can be an instrument for social change

Virtual reality (VR) has arrived. It has already been described as "revolutionary" and the "next big thing" in technology.

Its applications extend beyond entertainment and games to include education, art and a range of other innovative uses.
But VR also has the potential to promote .
From words to pictures
There is a reason we say "a picture is worth a thousand words". Images can communicate complex ideas and provoke emotions more effectively than descriptions.
For example, take Aduc Barec's story: she was compelled to leave Sudan in the early 1990s because of the . Her family walked for a month before reaching Ethiopia, where they lived in limbo until they settled in a refugee camp for five years. Aduc and her family were later resettled in Australia.
When we read her story, and those of other refugees, it is often difficult to imagine and understand their experiences.
Here's another example. Imagine reading for the first time reports from the animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) about the plight of pigs in factory farms. You would read that, from a young age, piglets are physically mutilated without painkillers, that for most of their lives they are confined indoors in a crowded pen, and that their ultimate fate is the abattoir, where they are stunned and slaughtered.
For some, the details in these examples are provocative enough. But others may find it difficult to empathise and understand when simply reading the descriptions on their own.
Perhaps watching a video of the plight of refugees or that of pigs in factory farms may stimulate greater intellectual and emotional reactions?

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Apple support on Twitter?

Apple, which has never had an official corporate Twitter account, opened a way to reach the company for tech support on Twitter. Apple joins giants like Microsoft, Adobe, Spotify and others with online supporUSA TODAY

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